National Cleaning Week

Posted on March 15, 2017

Too much “stuff” and no where to put it?  If you’re like most people, you’ve found it easier to “store it” than to “get rid of it.”   Most families have accumulated an excess of clothing and shoes that are now crowding them out of their homes.  Some families have even purchased larger homes just to have a place to put all their “stuff.”

National Cleaning Week is March 26-April 1 and it’s the perfect opportunity to clean out closets, basements and storage lockers.  When kids outgrow clothes and there are no more children to pass them on to – donate the clothes to our ministry partners.   When clothes are outgrown, out of style and the colors are not in fashion – donate the clothes and shoes to our ministry partners.     There is a saying that “if you haven’t worn it in three years – get rid of it.”   Some families pay hundreds of dollars just for mini-warehouse space to keep things they will never wear or use again.

A lot of families – especially in this area – use the “clean out” season as a time to get things together for a yard or garage sale.   Keep in mind that we will pick up the “leftovers” after the sale is over, FOR FREE! Just set it up by phone or online.

National Cleaning Week is the perfect time for Spring Cleaning and to donate our many ministry partners.  We will pick up the donations at your home FOR FREE.   The items  are sold at the America’s Thrift Stores and each of our partners benefits from every sale.

For FREE Home Pick Ups, click here or call (800) 964-4567 (Call 1-844-411-2462 if in the Marietta, GA area).


Celebrate National Cleaning Week — March 26-April 1 — by cleaning out your closets, basement and storage locker and donating to our many ministry partners.