About America’s Thrift Stores

Find great jobs at America’s Thrift Stores! Founded in 1984, we are a for-profit thrift store chain located throughout the southeastern United States. A significant portion of our net profits are donated to local, regional, and national family-centered charities. This funding allows these non-profit organizations to carry out their charitable works. We provide over 1,000 great jobs as well as pay over $4 million to our charity partners annually, as we turn donated items into revenue for their missions.

America’s Thrift Stores relies on the generous donations of the local community, to collect used clothing and household items. Then, we resell those items back to the community and share our profits with local charities and ministries, providing vital funding to help serve needy families, improve lives affected by substance abuse, and assist children with illnesses. 

Our Core Values

We are Mission-Focused – We believe in the Christian Ministries and local charities and communities we serve

We Value People – We believe our people are the most valuable part of the business. Our employees serve our customers and they are the execution of our success and mission. 

We are a Culture of Accountability/Efficiency – We believe and value commitment to discipline in all things. We strive to empower our people by holding them, and ourselves, accountable to high standards. We value a strong sense of urgency that drives efficiency. 

We Believe in Teamwork/Collaboration – We believe in achieving goals through teams of people working together to solve problems and serve our customers.

We are Growth Performance-Oriented – We believe in growth and that our goals should set an expectation for positive growth and performance. We believe our performance and sales growth is driven by our people. 

We are Customer Focused – We believe that the “customer writes the check”. 

Job Perks

  • EVERY employee is bonus eligible after 90 days!! 
  • On Demand Pay
  • Many jobs are full time, working Monday-Friday with daytime hours and weekends off 
  • Employee Discounts 
  • Paid Time Off for Full Time Employees
  • Leadership and growth opportunities
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k) benefits for full time employees who work more than 30 hours per week